Software we use


July 8, 2024


These are the software we use as a team. The decisions for why we chose many of these options can be found in our decisions website.

  • VS Code: A lightweight but powerful source code editor that comes with built-in support for multiple languages and has a rich ecosystem of extensions for all types of purposes and uses.
  • Discord: Our main communication software for messaging and having meetings.
  • Docker: This handles the containerization of our products.
  • Git: We use Git for version control and we host all our content on GitHub.
  • Justfile: Just is a command runner that we use to manage many workflow and build tasks, such as creating or re-generating diagrams that were created with PlantUML, running tests on code, and building the software apps.
  • Python 3: We use Python to build our software.
  • Quarto: We use Quarto to build the website and write general documentation.

These are the recommended helper or workflow type software:

  • GitHub CLI: GitHub CLI (command line interface) is a command-line tool that brings pull requests, issues, GitHub Actions, and other features specific to GitHub to the terminal.
  • Homebrew: If you work on a Macbook, Homebrew can ease the installation process of some of the software listed above by enabling you to install software directly in the Terminal by using the brew install [package_name] command. E.g., Git can be installed by writing brew install git in the terminal. Easy!